This is the Reason VR is Going to Revolutionize our World

This video goes to show just how powerful virtual reality can be if it’s implemented properly. I can’t wait to get my hands on the consumer Oculus Rift to have a go with it myself. Losing your mind over how incredible something is – that’s the reason I get so excited for technology.


Oculus Rift – Finally VR is Real?

The Oculus Rift is a next gen virtual reality headset that once again started as a project on Kickstarter. Perhaps the most exciting aspect of this project is its funding from Valve, who are working their butts off to get us some Oculus Ready games. Currently Team Fortress 2 is being updated with a Free VR Mode specifically designed for the Rift. With a company as experienced as Valve behind you it’s hard to imagine that the Oculus Rift wouldn’t be awesome. We could start seeing some incredible immersive action (Portal 3 VR anybody?) in an affordable headset.

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