Low End iPhone Parts Pictured

There are a lot of rumours about a cheaper, low end iPhone. For the first time there are now pictures of what is supposedly a component of this new phone. Apple blog Macotakara on Thursday published a photo of a dual-head vibration motor that has not previously been used in any iPhone model. According to “iLab factory” the source of the image, the part will be included in Apple’s upcoming low-end iPhone. Apple is expected to unveil a new iPhone 5S later this year as well as an entry-level iPhone that the company will use to bolster its market share in emerging regions.


Red Colour Pebble Watch Set to Ship in 2-3 Weeks

It’s been a pretty rough ride for Pebble – they’ve suffered delays, software issues, bricked watches and manufacturing faults, but at last they’ve shipped the 55,000 black pebble watches to Kickstarter backers – but what about the colours?

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HTC Q1 Profits Down 98% From Last year

It’s not been a good start to the year for HTC. It should have been, but due to the delays in manufacture of the HTC One, it’s as if the handset didn’t exist at all in Q1. Consequently, HTC’s net profit was merely $2.8 million. Compared with $173 million in Q1 last year that is disastrous news for HTC. Their underlying revenue dropped by a third to $1.4 billion. We can only hope that as soon as the gorgeous HTC One is released we see some record profits and HTC take their deserved spot up with the big guys. Perhaps even the HTC First will be the first of the year.

Facebook to Release Phone?

After all the rumours surrounding the HTC Myst, it seems Facebook are to hold an android-related announcement. There is no information as to whether this is their own phone, one created in collaboration with HTC or just a major revamp of the android application.

Recently Facebook have focused their attentions on features like Graph Search and News Feed but Facebook’s been clear that mobile is a top priority for 2013. Hopefully we’ll see some interesting devices.

Apple Patent Shows All Screen Phone

Another interesting patent has just appeared from Apple, showing a phone which is 100% screen. The method of production would involve unfurling a flexible display inside a glass enclosure. An interesting concept, but considering how easy it is to shatter an iPhone at the moment anyway, I’m not sure how I feel about an ALL glass iPhone.. Some sort of method to make sure it lands on an unbreakable part would be useful… Ring any bells?

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