The IndieBox: Evoland Review

IndieBox Review: Evoland

A fresh take on a stagnating genre.

I hate to say it but I’ve felt a lack of innovative indie games being released recently, there have been some, don’t get me wrong, but none of them have properly caught my attention – unlike the ideas and premise behind the latest kid on the block: Evoland. On the surface Evoland appears to be just another adventure/RPG type game. Yet in a way, it’s the work of years and years and years of development (even though its own development cycle took no longer than 4 months).

Evoland takes you through the history of the video game genre, taking queues and nods from the timely classics such as Final Fantasy and The Legend of Zelda. At the start you are transported to a monochromatic world (Think Game Boy era) and each chest you come across slowly evolves the World around – starting from the very basics such as introducing sound, colour and movement all the way up to fully integrated 3D graphics.

The storyline is exactly as you expect, some form of evil is terrorising a local village and as the last of an ancient order you have to cleanse the land. While being deliberately generic, the story still manages to bring the game together allowing it to be more than just an exploration of video game history.
Combat seamlessly switches between real time battles and turn-based battles which keep the game fresh, while caves are littered with random battles as well as puzzle-filled dungeons.

The game itself while short, providing a few hours of play, is a fitting tribute to the evolution of video games and is a must play for Zelda and Final Fantasy fans alike. With comedic elements, nostalgia and heart-warming moments it’s a fun trip down memory lane.

Indiebox Rating 4

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About Rob Fletcher

A student of the University of Worcester studying Creative Digital Media and specialising in film. Rob is an avid gamer who revels in the arty, experimental form of indie games.

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