Red Colour Pebble Watch Set to Ship in 2-3 Weeks

It’s been a pretty rough ride for Pebble – they’ve suffered delays, software issues, bricked watches and manufacturing faults, but at last they’ve shipped the 55,000 black pebble watches to Kickstarter backers – but what about the colours?

Due to the long delays Pebble have suffered in getting the colours out to backers, they have begun offering the choice to swap colour watches to a black watch and have it sooner. Pebble have stated that “we’ve been working on manufacturing color Pebbles, which have proven more difficult to produce in large quantities”. They’ve managed to get the lens flush with the body now and removed flow marks, alas only on the red and orange watches, all that remains is to get rid of the last issues:

Unfortunately, just as we were starting final assembly of red Pebbles, a quality issue came up on the production line with the hard coating layer on the lens. We had to shut down the line for a few days as we figured out the problem (following the 8D resolution process to identify the root cause and fix the problem). The problem has been solved and production has now restarted, but sadly this has delayed our color Pebble shipments further.

After that they have the grey and white watches. At this time these two colours are apparently “more problematic”. There’s nothing about what the problems may be however. Those who wish to get their pebble sooner can change there order to a black pebble at If you really want a colour, you’re just going to have to wait.


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