HTC/Facebook Phone Pictured in Advance of Event

Today is the day of that mysterious Facebook event, but thanks to a bunch of leaked press images over the last couple of days we have a pretty good idea of what’s coming up for the rumoured Facebook phone around the corner.

The device is known as the HTC first – presumably because it’s the first phone with full facebook integration (nice try HTC ChaCha and Salsa). There is no confirmation on the specs of the phone, but it is said to feature a program called Facebook Home – a new android homescreen/launcher with full Facebook integration. This could include Facebook news feed stories and data splayed out right on the home screen, along with easy access to Facebook apps.

Android Police managed to get hold of a developer Facebook APK, and upon dissection discovered some permissions for the Samsung Touchwiz UI. Having Samsung permissions on an HTC phone makes it clear that not only are they looking to release a dedicated phone, but they are also going to release Facebook Home to the world on the Google Play store.

For you Facebookers out there I’m sure this sounds great, but what is it all going to look like?

Well so far it looks good – the UI seems clean, well thought out and fairly minimal. There’s a lot of focus on nice looking full screen imagery with plenty of access to primary Facebook functions.

This phone/home screen/launcher looks like it will appeal to most Facebook lovers and anybody with a love for minimalistic design. We’ll have to see what arrives later today at the official event!


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