Microsoft Changes Screen Requirements For Windows 8 Tablets

The Windows 8 hardware requirements from the start have been 1366×768. This means that any hardware builders who want to create a device with a screen resolution lower than this should turn around and go home. This now has all changed. Although this may sound trivial, the requirements have just changed to 1024×768. However, Microsoft do make it clear that developers should not regularly create devices with this screen resolution, and it would disable Windows 8’s split screen feature. So why change it?

This allows hardware developers (Microsoft Included) to build Windows 8 Tablets with much smaller screens – most likely to rival the iPad Mini, Kindle and other small tablets. All these tablets are designed to be used in portrait as well as landscape – it would seem Microsoft want to create their own “Reader” device. A market they haven’t been able to tap into with the screen limitation in place. It appears that Redmond have Partnered with B&N and have explicitly mentioned a Microsoft reader device.

Based on the size of the Windows 8 OS there is going to be little or no space left in your reader for books however – there’s no chance of it being any smaller than 32gb (16gb usable space once you’ve accounted for Windows) – you won’t have much space for videos or app on there, and how powerful can they really make it? We’ll just have to wait and see.


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