Apple Patent Shows All Screen Phone

Another interesting patent has just appeared from Apple, showing a phone which is 100% screen. The method of production would involve unfurling a flexible display inside a glass enclosure. An interesting concept, but considering how easy it is to shatter an iPhone at the moment anyway, I’m not sure how I feel about an ALL glass iPhone.. Some sort of method to make sure it lands on an unbreakable part would be useful… Ring any bells?

The patent also describes a mechanism through face detection to work out how much of the screen you can see and only send power to those areas as to not waste battery. A pretty neat, but perhaps Samsung-esque idea. The patent also describes some other shapes – one being essentially a cylinder.. Certainly not the kind of iPhone I’d like to carry around with me!

The glass body is designed to be open at both ends, which allows joining of multiple devices. Not really the most useful of features – not until ultra-ultra-wide TV is invented anyway. Other ideas are mentioned, such as multiple screen layers for a 3D effect and multitouch gestures for your home button and lock buttons.

An interesting concept but certainly not a phone I would enjoy using. This seems to be on the experimentation side of innovation.


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