Windows 8 – the Next Greatest Thing?

Microsoft have recently released Windows 8 (or should I be calling it Windows Blue now?) which I’ve had the misfortune of using. On a touchscreen it’s great. I wouldn’t choose it over iOS as a tablet operating system, but it works pretty well regardless.

On a desktop PC however it is just awful. It seems to have most of the functionality of Windows 7, except everything is moved around and hidden away. It feels as bad as Vista, not because it’s slow but because it’s just ever so slightly too different. It’s also most definitely designed around a touch interface. It is useless with a mouse. Having to close a window by grabbing the three pixel space at the top and sliding your mouse all the way to the bottom is a nightmare.

My biggest issue is the new start button. Move your mouse into the bottom left and a start button appears. Move your mouse so it’s on top of it to try and click it and it disappears. What is with that? I’ve had to train myself to keep the mouse off the button and in the corner once it appears. Not a good start.


The second is the new start menu. Again, it’s great for a touch interface, but as a developer/software tester at work I have a bunch of things I use on a daily basis. Having them all spread out like that would be a nightmare. I love the simple start menu with that awesome search/run box. It works great and it shouldn’t have gone.

There are infact two features in Windows 8 I really do like. The first is how it behaves over multiple screens. It gives me a start bar on each one! This is a feature I’ve often found myself wishing for in Windows 7 as my setup at work is with three large screens. It’s a nightmare minimizing applications onto one screen. The second is the new user screen. It’s pretty, it’s functional and it’s clean. But other than those two things, I genuinely haven’t found anything I like about Windows 8.

No. As far as I’m concerned, until something better comes along, Windows 7 is the latest and greatest offering from Microsoft hands down. (But I still prefer Mountain Lion).


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