Why I’ll buy Google Glass

Google glass must be on of the most talked about gadgets this year. Mostly because it’s a brand new example of true innovation – something we’ve really been lacking the last few years.


Yes, there have been some pretty amazing gadgets – things we only dreamed about. Leap Motion, 4K TV and the Oculus Rift Headset to name but a few. However, they have all been innovations that were conceivable. We saw them coming, no matter how impressive they are.

Google Glass totally changes that trend. It’s true new age technology. A completely new computing device. A small prism of glass with built in WiFi, GPS and bluetooth modules, bone conduction technology and top notch voice recognition – all rolled into one (slightly ridiculous looking) package.

“A completely new computing device”

Be that as it may, Glass could revolutionise the way we interact with the world with “see-what-I’m-seeing” pictures and video. A real word heads up display opening the internet by just moving your head upwards to wake up the glasses.

“Ok Glass” could become one of the most powerful phrases we begin to use in our day to day lives and I am EXCITED to open up my box and wake up my glasses.

Yes, I’ll look crazy, I’ll get a load of weird looks, but I don’t care – I’ll be utilizing modern technology to its full potential, and I’ll enjoy it.


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