HTC One – An Example to All Others

HTC One - Beautiful

It has been a long time since I’ve seen a smartphone that has taken my breath away. Don’t get me wrong – I think the iPhone is a piece of real craftsmanship and Jonny Ive is a true design genius. But since the iPhone 4 and iPad 2 there’s been no leaps in design from Apple – a company that used to be renowned for their incredible surprises – the age old “One More Thing” that we all miss so much..

HTC made a huge leap with their One series – especially the One X. Upon opening the box the screen protector said “The One You’ve Been Waiting For..” I thought to myself – you certainly are! Perhaps the only disappointing thing about the One X was the plastic body which dents oh so easily. Especially when some of their mid range phones were aluminium unibody builds.

But now – look at what they’ve achieved!

The HTC One. An absolute work of art. A mix of craftsmanship, engineering and innovation to create (in my opinion) the most impressive phone in the last two years. Even though HTC couldn’t compete with the profitability of giants like Apple and Samsung they have managed to create a piece of technology that blows the Galaxy SIII, 4 and iPhone out of the water.

They’ve packed in great new software features in Sense 5 and the Blinkfeed homescreen. Similar to Microsoft Live Tiles but implemented so much more skillfully. Incredible hardware – that 4.7 inch 1080p screen giving it an incredible 468 ppi – the most pixel dense smartphone to date. Not only that but their screens don’t over-saturate colours like Samsung do making it nice to look at without hurting the eyes.

The new ImageSense 2 chip with UltraPixel technology is another great feature. It is so refreshing that a large company is finally telling us that more megapixels don’t equal a better camera. What matters is the glass, the sensor and inevitably the light conditions.

I would give an arm and a leg to get my hand on the new One – the true One we’ve been waiting for. (Cheesy, but true.) The HTC ethic seems to be to give us the best technology they can inside a gorgeous package. I hope that this phone is the save that HTC need to shoot them up there with the big guys. A place they truly deserve to be.

Samsung should take a hint and stop putting in gimmicks that any old phone can do with the right app.


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