An ode to iPhone – Why do we need change?


Having had an iPhone for a grand total of 5 years, it is safe to say that no matter how hard I try to convince people it is the superior device, not many would side with me. Constant arguments from my camp include iOS being better than windows, the iSight camera trouncing even the highest spec DSLR, and that the Retina Display is sharper than any Super AMOLED HD 1080p with IPS and quadrupled pixels. You would think with the advancements from every smartphone maker in the business including Blackberry that Apple would be hitting us with the killer features that presented themselves way back in 2007. We all thought that cover flow on a 3.5 inch screen was the most incredible creation, along with the ability to scroll the ‘natural’ way on a touch screen device. No more of swiping down to move down the page.

Yet it seems that camp Infinite Loop is running dry. With Tim Cook at the helm, the rumour mill that was previously 99% incorrect has become the go to place for what the next product will be. The iPad Mini, for example, was expected as soon as the original iPad was released, and we can all predict the Mini 2 will feature that Retina Display, faster processor and the new iOS. The company, in some respects, is running more like a series of X Factor – churning out products that they know will hit the right notes with its unstoppable fan base.

The gradual process of improvement is enough for any gadget lover to eat out of Cook’s hands, and although there is always a feeling of demotion after the now expected September launches, the circle of iLife will always continue in a way that no company can achieve.Take Samsung for example. Their recent launch for the Galaxy S IV was in Radio City Music Hall, using an extremely irritating child, a full orchestra and scenes that remind me of my GCSE days at school. They gambled to show off a new way of pausing your videos, yet Apple can just swipe down from the top of the screen to reveal something Android has had for years and receives a deafening applause.

Am I complaining? Not at all. I take pride in the 112g piece of delight in my pocket, and its predecessors. I am the fanboy that stays up last into the night to watch a low quality live stream of the new and ‘improved’ iPhone. I will be the one to find a way to get the latest and greatest model. Amen to that – Ed.


About Jordan-Lee

I'm a little bit of a closet geek, but I strive to find real information and gravitate towards facts rather than fiction. I am a keen vlogger, and a dancer in training. These worlds are a bit of a mix but the ability to combine dance and performance with technology excites my being highly.

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