Facebook to Release Phone?

After all the rumours surrounding the HTC Myst, it seems Facebook are to hold an android-related announcement. There is no information as to whether this is their own phone, one created in collaboration with HTC or just a major revamp of the android application.

Recently Facebook have focused their attentions on features like Graph Search and News Feed but Facebook’s been clear that mobile is a top priority for 2013. Hopefully we’ll see some interesting devices.


Apple Patent Shows All Screen Phone

Another interesting patent has just appeared from Apple, showing a phone which is 100% screen. The method of production would involve unfurling a flexible display inside a glass enclosure. An interesting concept, but considering how easy it is to shatter an iPhone at the moment anyway, I’m not sure how I feel about an ALL glass iPhone.. Some sort of method to make sure it lands on an unbreakable part would be useful… Ring any bells?

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Going Back to Windows XP – As Good as We Remember?

Ahh Bliss.. The Universally Identifiable XP Background

Windows XP. The operating system we look fondly back on as the pinnacle of Microsoft Computing. It was snappy, it looked pretty good, and best of all, it just WORKED. Which is far more than can be said for Windows Vista. But take off those rose tinted nostalgic glasses for a second. Having been a user of Windows 7 since the first leaked beta I’ve been a long term user. Today a client of ours asked whether our software would work on XP and IE 7, so I dove deep into our cupboards and dusted off a Dell Inspiron 9400 – a behemoth of a laptop with an incredible 1900×1200 screen. I booted into XP and started my work.

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Oculus Rift – Finally VR is Real?

The Oculus Rift is a next gen virtual reality headset that once again started as a project on Kickstarter. Perhaps the most exciting aspect of this project is its funding from Valve, who are working their butts off to get us some Oculus Ready games. Currently Team Fortress 2 is being updated with a Free VR Mode specifically designed for the Rift. With a company as experienced as Valve behind you it’s hard to imagine that the Oculus Rift wouldn’t be awesome. We could start seeing some incredible immersive action (Portal 3 VR anybody?) in an affordable headset.

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From the Culture Room: The New Normal

Before it started, the adverts provided us with a promising start to the brand new program. From the beginning of the first show, the audience was presented with the opposite. The main characters seemed to be stock characters with a lot of room for development, but were not fulfilled for quite some time: there are the TV typical gay couple comprised of one flouncing gay and one masculine gay; a totally homophobic and unrelenting Republican older woman; a black woman who is almost totally sarcastic; and the somewhat ditzy blonde with high ambitions. The initially weak storylines coupled with a number of characteristics plucked from other comedies did not live up to expectations created, nor was it living up to the standard others from the US had set.

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